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Team ECCO leads ocean education with innovative learning:

Sea Kids: After School programs 
Learn about our ocean as we play games, write, paint, draw, build, and stretch our minds.   No two sessions are the same.  
 3:30 - 5 pm.      $5.00 per class / card of 5 classes $20.00    Please check our CALENDAR  for upcoming Sea Kids programs.  
(cards not transferable)
       Please use CONTACT US  tab to request more information or to register.

 Sea Base Programs: the best teacher resource in WNC
Bring your group to visit the Center & Aquarium!  
 Our programs teach to reach ages 5- 95.  (special adaptions available for pre - k  ages 3-5)  programs available Tues. starting at 8:30 am & ending by 4 pm, and Wed. - Fri. starting at 8:30 am & ending by 12 noon.
Is your group larger than 40 people?   Team ECCO will be happy to make plans for your group to visit other downtown attractions if you are scheduling multiple Sea Base programs for the same day.            

       Sea Base 101    Fees: $ 70.00 per program      50 minutes of engaged ocean learning for groups with 8 to 30 participants.  Your group is greeted at the front door, and after a very short safety review, you are off on a fun fish scavenger hunt!   Then discuss your findings and questions with our Team leaders.  End your visit with a fantastic Creature Feature where you meet one or more of our resident animals up close and personal.   Take home a return discount coupon and related activity sheet to be done back at "school".     *  Click HERE to request a 101 program.

                    Sea Base 202   Fees:  $ 85.00 per program        1 1/2 hours of interactive learning!  Enjoy a fish hunt, find a favorite -or maybe something you have never seen before - and talk it up!    Then step into the classroom to focus on a specific area of interest such as sharks /rays / turtles/ reptiles/fish id /fish adaptations / coral reefs/reef systesm/lion fish (our current invasive species)  or another class that meets your educational needs.    Engage in a creature feature to end your visit. We will use specimens and / or science equipment, question & answer time, and include materials, handouts, any needed specimens.    Group minimum of 8 and maximum of  30 participants/ attendees.    

               Sea Base 303   
Fees:  $115.00 per program        2 full hours of ocean immersion!  This is Sea Base 202 on steriods!     303 includes all of the above listed in 202 with the added option of adding in a lion fish awareness class or extending the focus class of your choice.  Use our specimen expamples and models, use of needed science equipment, data analysis, and handouts.   This is an expansion of Sea  Base 202 as requested by teachers for extra information and lesson exposure.   Group minimum of 8 and maximum of 30 participants / attendees.  
* Click HERE to request a 202 or 303 program.

Sea Link:  enrichment on the road
Let us bring the aquarium to you! Our reptiles especially love to travel!   Unique enrichment for groups.  We offer interactive topics on turtles, turtle rescue, marine invertebrates, salt water in the making,  fish ID, sharks and rays.  We can custom design a program to meet your needs. Includes materials, handouts, and any needed specimens.   Reserve your program today!    Click HERE to request a Sea Link Program.
$60.00 per program + travel fee:  $10 in Henderson Co. / $15 out of Henderson Co.  groups up to 35  
Extra:   $85.00   per program + travel fee $10in Henderson Co. / $15 our of Henderson Co. groups up to 50     

Sea Venture:  Pack up and  get on the bus -or plane or van!  Let Team ECCO do the travel work for you.  Unique learning experiences  exploring water based eco systems in NC, SC, GA, TN, FL, or Grand Bahamas Island. These programs are designed to fit your group needs and requests. Areas of study include Gulf exploration, manatees, dolphins, sharks, sting rays, sea turtles,  light houses, barrier islands, and more. We travel by chartered motor coach or public airline, build custom adventure books for each trip, and arrange  housing/meals/events, and teach innovative interactive lessons! Programs may include kayak, snorkel, scuba and/ or field exploration.  For programs to Grand Bahamas Island, passports and flights are required.   In US programs require a min. of 25 participants and can be scheduled for 1-7 days in length.   Out of country programs require a minimum of 8 participants for 4 day minimum.    Fees vary based on program events and length. Contact us for a quote.

Click HERE for more Sea Venture details









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