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Welcome to Team ECCO

Aquarium information
Public hours:  Wednesday-Saturday 1- 5 pm
Fees:  $ 3 per person, children under 4 are
The Team ECCO Ocean Center & Aquarium is a registered 501 c 3 and is maintained and run through the great hearts of our volunteers and volunteer staff as a service to this community and the education of its children.  

Team ECCO    Day trip to GA Aquarium!
 I just received note that the GA Aquarium would like to work with us on fees, and I want to pass some savings on to you!

 So, here are the options:
1.    Trip to aquarium including ATT dolphin show, 3D movie, transportation, bus snacks, pizza dinner, Team materials…..$ 85.00
2.  All of  # 1    AND   beluga whale encounter…..$230.00   total fees  ( one space left) BELUGA ENCOUNTER IS FULL
3.  All of # 1     AND   penguin encounter………..$ 145.00   total fees ( eight spaces left)
4.  All of # 1     AND   otter encounter  …………..$ 145.00   total fees  (five spaces left)
5.  All of# 1     AND     dolphin encounter…………$ 145.00  total fees   (eight spaces left)

NOTE: participants only enter the water in the beluga whale encounter. To do the beluga whales you must be16 years old and be 60 inches tall.All other encounters are done behind the scenes with animal curators on dry land.    Waivers will be sent with Team release forms.

 Departure is 7:30 am    Tuesday   Nov 11, 2014   from the large parking lot on Church Street, across from the Chariot, at the intersection of Church and 6th ave (64)            Return to same space  at approximately 8 30 -9  pm   Bring a brown bag disposable lunch     All release and waiver forms to be sent out Oct 22, 2014 and returned by Nov 1 2014        All payments due no later than Nov 1,2014 

Transportation by WNC Travels which is a primer motor coach company   Our driver will be Captain Jack Creson, who has been driving Team ECCO Adventures for several years. 

If you have already contacted me and reserved your space, you do not need to contact me again.     If you HAVE NOT reserved your space –you need to!


  Aquarium news...

Sea Kids returns!
Join us afterschool on Thursdays, Oct 29 and Nov 6,13, &20    from 3:30 - 5 pm for great fun, crafts, and meeting critters!   Help with the 4:00 feed!   A different animal is featured every week.      Ages 6-11  
$5 nonmembers / $4 members  per class
We suggest you sign up by phone or email as spaces fill up!

Aquarium Holiday hours:
the Aquarium will be closed Nov. 25-29 as all of our volunteer staff celebrate the Thanksgiving Holiday with their families!

Super minions promoted! The above students have been promoted at the Team ECCO Ocean Center & Aquarium:   Kortney Clark, Assist. Director of Education:   Katlyn Kannup, Lead Intern; Mary Lynn Marks, Mead Krowka, and Hagen Mendrykowski all are Aquarium Development Interns.  Kortney, Mary Lynn , and Mead are members of the Team ECCO divers. Kortney has begun teaching Sea Base 101 classes and will be responsible for program and event scheduling. Katlyn will oversee student training and assist in aquarium care and design. Mead and Mary Lynn will focus on new exhibits. Hagen is responsible for social media and educational poster displays. Congratulations to all! We hope you stop in and personally talk with these outstanding young leaders and meet the solid core of Team ECCO. ( not pictured: Hagen Mendrykowski)

  Please note:  calendar events are subject to change !


The mission of Team ECCO: To promote scientific discovery
through interactive learning encounters that develop
understanding and respect for water based ecosystems.
This mission is to foster stewardship, develop leadership,
and build friendship - life skills for a living world.


Team ECCO is a Team for Educating Children to Care for the Ocean

Michael Ramer, shark training with Cristina Zenato, UnExSo, Grand Bahama Island

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