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511 N Main Street

Hendersonville, NC 28792
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Welcome to Team ECCO

      The Ocean Center is home to the only marine studies classroom and public aquarium  in WNC.  The Aquarium is open to the public Wed - Sat 1-5pm.   Aquarium Volunteers and Interns care for more than 75 species of fish and reptiles in 22 habitats!   Enjoy animals such as red footed tortoises, upside down jellies, crabs, anemones, cleaner shrimp, blue spot sting ray,  eels, lions, lizards, and lots of other beautiful fish!  Meet the horse shoe crabs in our touch tank! Help feed the tortoises and join us for a sting ray interaction.
     On Tuesdays and during the week in the mornings, we offer pre-scheduled materials, lessons, special events and animal encounters for students and groups.  We schedule classes during non -open hours, by contract.  Your best adventure is on Main Street, Hendersonville! 
The Team ECCO Ocean Center & Aquarium is a 501 c 3 and is maintained and run through the great hearts of our student volunteers and volunteer staff as a service to this community for education and enjoyment.

  Aquarium news...

 Our Shark, Epa, has laid 24 eggs to date!   Follow them on Face book and twitter!
Upcoming events:
Aug 1 - Mary Kay Day - chat with a skin care consultant and check out some great products to keep you looking mermaid young!
Aug 8 - Hoop it up for the Sea!   Join us for fun stuff on deck!   Even learn to hoopla hoop like a pro!
Aug `14 - Party like a shark!    Wear your favorite pirate costume and join the fun as we celebrate the 1st birthday of our shark Morgan!   Games, crafts, and fun stuff! 

When requesting a program or event, please Scheck the calendar for AVAILABLE days/dates/times  


The mission of Team ECCO: To promote scientific discovery
through interactive learning encounters that develop
understanding and respect for water based ecosystems.
This mission is to foster stewardship, develop leadership,
and build friendship - life skills for a living world.


Team ECCO is a Team for Educating Children to Care for the Ocean

Michael Ramer, shark training with Cristina Zenato, UnExSo, Grand Bahama Island

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