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511 N Main Street

Hendersonville, NC 28792
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Welcome to Team ECCO

     Our Ocean Center is home to the only marine studies classroom and public aquarium  in WNC.  The Aquarium is open to the public Wed - Sat 1-5pm.   Staffed by student volunteers and Interns  who care for the fish and reptiles living  in 25 habitats.  On your visit, enjoy  crabs, anemones, cleaner shrimp, a blue spot sting ray,  eels, lion fish, bamboo sharks , and lots of other beautiful red footed tortoises, lizards and geckos!  Meet the horse shoe crabs in our touch tank!  You may get the chance to help feed the tortoises. 
       We schedule classes and programs for groups during our non -open hours Tuesdays - Saturday by contract.  Your best educational adventure is right here on Main Street. 
The Team ECCO Ocean Center & Aquarium is a 501 c 3 and is maintained and run through the great hearts of our student volunteers and volunteer staff as a service to this community for education and enjoyment.

  Aquarium news...

Above video is Epa's viable egg 
Check here for continued updates
The viable pup resembles a tad pole moving above the round yoke sack
Our Shark, Epa, has laid 51 eggs to date! Bamboo shark females average 2 eggs a week for up to 16 weeks.   Our girl has laid eggs for over 28 weeks. The most recent eggs were laid directly next to the developing egg, and anchored around a motor intake pipe! Egg # 21( laid approx. July 15 and found July 17 ) is holding a viable shark embryo - a live baby growing in an egg from our shark, without fertilization by a male!  Follow our Face Book and Twitter links at the top of the page.
Upcoming events:
Oct. 15-31:   Haunted Tanks! Visit our spooked-out gallery!
Oct 31:   Trick or Treat Main Street - parade your best costume on Main star and see if you get a trick or a treat from participating merchants.



When requesting a program or event, please Scheck the calendar for AVAILABLE days/dates/times  


The mission of Team ECCO: To promote scientific discovery
through interactive learning encounters that develop
understanding and respect for water based ecosystems.
This mission is to foster stewardship, develop leadership,
and build friendship - life skills for a living world.


Team ECCO is a Team for Educating Children to Care for the Ocean

Michael Ramer, shark training with Cristina Zenato, UnExSo, Grand Bahama Island

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