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Welcome to Team ECCO

     Team ECCO started in my kitchen in 2001 fueled by a desire to do more for the children and adults in our community who had not experienced the blue ocean.   I gathered 45 children and 8 adult chaperones and traveled to Florida to encounter endangered manatees.  In 2015, our Aquarium welcomed more than 7,000 visitors and provided programs to over 3,700 students and adults.  
     Today, we house 24 exhibits where visitors can view and learn about turtles, tortoises, lizards, and geckos.   They can also observe dozens of species of tropical coral reef fish and invertebrates.  Our on going shark study gives you the opportunity to witness shark embryos developing in eggs.  Charlotte, the Aquarium sting ray, is always eager to meet new faces. 
     All of our animals are hand fed and imprinted via operant conditioning.  They are housed and cared for with love and respect by a team of student volunteers and interns who work diligently to provide the best life possible for all. 
     The Team ECCO Ocean Center & Aquarium is a 501 c 3 and is maintained and run without any full time paid staff, through the great hearts of our student volunteers and volunteer staff as a service to this community for education and enjoyment.  We thank you for your support.







  Dates to Know...

      3/11 - community Celebrate the Sea day!   Join us for a fun filled day with magic with J Merker, Hulu-hooping with Miss Michelle, water games, and memory photos by TapSnap pictures!   The Aquarium is open free to all ages from 1-4:30 pm, donations are appreciated.   We want to thank the community for all the support they offered this past year as we recovered and rebuilt from the devastating flood.   Come Celebrate the Sea with us!
What are you waiting for?  See you at the sea! 
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Our calendar is currently showing open dates for private programs, classes, and events as "available" up to 9/1/17


The mission of Team ECCO: To promote scientific discovery
through interactive learning encounters that develop
understanding and respect for water based ecosystems.
This mission is to foster stewardship, develop leadership,
and build friendship - life skills for a living world.


Team ECCO is a Team for Educating Children to Care for the Ocean

Michael Ramer, shark training with Cristina Zenato, UnExSo, Grand Bahama Island

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